ABB Ltd Management Report 2018

ABB Ltd is the holding company of the ABB Group, owning directly or indirectly all subsidiaries globally.

The major business activities during 2018 can be summarized as follows:

Management services

The Company provided management services to a Group company of CHF 24 million.

Share transactions

  • share buyback for employee share programs of CHF 232 million;
  • share deliveries for employee share programs of CHF 74 million.

Dividend payment to external shareholders

  • from retained earnings of CHF 1,282 million.

Other information

In 2018, the Company employed on average 20 employees.

Once a year, the Company’s Board of Directors performs a risk assessment in accordance with the Group’s risk management process and discusses appropriate actions if necessary.

The Company does not carry out any research and development business.

In 2019, the Company will continue to operate as the holding company of the ABB Group. No change of business is expected.

March 27, 2019