Chairman and CEO letter Dear Shareholders, Customers, Partners and Employees,

Peter Voser, Chairman of the Board and Ulrich Spiesshofer, Chief Executive Officer (photo)

Peter Voser
Chairman of the Board

Ulrich Spiesshofer
Chief Executive Officer

Our world is changing – faster than ever. Digital technologies have already revolutionized the way we communicate, shop and bank. Now they are starting to transform industries and the entire “B2B” space. In the years ahead, new technologies will influence the way we power our societies, produce our goods and services, and how we work, live and move.

Over the past few years, with the execution of ABB’s strategy, we have laid the foundation for our businesses to compete in fast-changing digital industries and deliver profitable growth. In 2018, we posted solid order and revenue growth: total orders were up 8 percent (comparable), having risen in all divisions and regions, and revenues increased 4 percent for the full year. Our Net Promoter Score measure of customer satisfaction increased to 57, having tripled since 2010. Our operational EBITA margin, our main measure of profitability, was slightly lower (–0.3 percent), impacted by stranded costs due to the announced divestment of our Power Grids business, charges for legacy non-core projects and the expected dilution effect of our acquisition of GE Industrial Solutions in 2018.

In 2019, we are embarking on a new chapter at ABB, in which we will build on our technology and talented global employee base to further strengthen our focus in digital industries. Our ambition: to deliver attractive returns to our shareholders; to support our customers with innovative solutions that drive their productivity and competitiveness while helping them digitalize their businesses; and to provide our employees and partners with new opportunities to grow, develop and realize their full potential.

To focus our portfolio on digital industries and deliver on these ambitions, we have agreed to divest our Power Grids business to Hitachi, simplify our business model and structure, and shape four leading businesses in line with the way our customers operate. Our businesses will be designed to tap the opportunities of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and will be given the maximum amount of entrepreneurial freedom to compete in fast-changing markets.

Our decision to divest the Power Grids business reflects the growing difference in customer needs between the large-scale infrastructure, utility and industry sectors. The utility customer base is consolidating, and we see a re-convergence of power generation and power grids. Increasing project sizes for and changes in the commercial pattern of utility customers also often require suppliers like ABB to provide access to project financing.

Having turned around Power Grids over the past few years and increased its value significantly, we decided that the future development of the business would be best served under Hitachi’s ownership, given its leading position in energy infrastructure and its long-term perspective for the power business. Hitachi’s commitment to retain Power Grids’ employees and to keep its headquarters in Switzerland also played a part in our decision. Initially, ABB will retain a minority shareholding in a joint venture to ensure the smooth transition to Hitachi for customers, employees and partners alike. We intend that our shareholders will directly benefit through the return of the net proceeds of the divestment.

As we focus our portfolio on digital industries, we will simplify our organization by discontinuing our legacy matrix structure to achieve zero-distance to customers, increased agility in decision-making, and a stronger entrepreneurial culture within our businesses.

Our new ABB

Our new ABB will span a comprehensive offering covering electrification, automation, robotics and digitalization, positioning us to write the future as a customer-focused technology leader in digital industries. With our four leading businesses, we will address a market worth more than $410 billion and growing by 3.5–4 percent per annum. By 2025, that market is expected to expand by $140 billion to $550 billion.

Our Electrification business offers a portfolio of products, digital solutions and services, from substation to socket. In 2018, we strengthened the business’ #2 market position through the acquisition of GE Industrial Solutions, GE’s global electrification solutions business, which will contribute to our growth and competitiveness in key markets, particularly North America. Our Electrification business has strong exposure to rapidly growing customer segments, including e-mobility, data centers and smart buildings.

Our Industrial Automation business offers a range of solutions for process and hybrid industries, including our industry-specific integrated automation, electrification and digital solutions, control technologies, software and advanced services, as well as measurement & analytics, marine and turbocharging offerings. Industrial Automation is #2 in the market globally.

Our Motion business provides customers with a range of electrical motors, generators, drives and services, as well as integrated digital powertrain solutions. Motion is the #1 player in the market globally.

Our Robotics & Discrete Automation business combines our machine and factory automation solutions, mainly from B&R, which we acquired in 2017, with a comprehensive robotics solutions and applications suite. The business is #2 globally, with a #1 position in robotics in the important, high-growth Chinese market, where we are expanding our innovation and production capacity by investing in a new robotics factory in Shanghai.

Sound financial profile

Our new ABB has a sound financial profile with significant long-term growth possibilities. It would have generated revenues of approximately $29 billion in 2018.

Going forward, we will pursue a growth strategy based on the following medium-term financial framework:

  • 3–6 percent annual comparable revenue growth
  • operational EBITA margin of 13–16 percent
  • return on capital employed (ROCE) of 15–20 percent
  • cash conversion to net income of approximately 100 percent
  • basic EPS growth above revenue growth

Our company’s capital allocation priorities are to fund organic growth, R&D, capex and value-creating acquisitions. We remain committed to delivering a rising, sustainable dividend – the Board of Directors will propose a dividend of CHF 0.80 per share to shareholders at the Annual General Meeting on May 2 – and to returning additional cash to shareholders. Following the divestment of 80.1 percent of Power Grids, ABB intends to return the net cash proceeds of $7.6–7.8 billion to shareholders in an expeditious and efficient manner.

Investing in technology…

Including amounts in our Power Grids business, ABB invests approximately $1.4 billion in research and development every year, corresponding to around 4 percent of our revenues. In 2018, thanks to our focus on innovation, we launched several new solutions and technologies that strengthened our ABB Ability™ digital offering and contributed to further improving the efficiency, productivity and security of our customers’ operations.

We advanced our leading position in the charging technology for electric vehicles (EVs) with the launch of our Terra High Power charger, which at full power, 350 kilowatts, can add up to 200 kilometers of range to an EV in just eight minutes, making it ideally suited for use at highway rest stops and filling stations.

We continued to extend our global network of ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations Centers with a new center for mining customers in Västerås, Sweden, which monitors the health, performance and location of equipment in mines, allowing engineers to quickly diagnose potential issues, advise on preventive maintenance, and recommend measures to improve performance.

In December we achieved a breakthrough in autonomous shipping when our new intelligent autopilot, ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Control, allowed a ferry captain to remotely pilot a passenger ferry through a test area in Helsinki harbor.

With the execution of ABB’s strategy, we have laid the foundation for our business to deliver profitable growth. The new ABB is positioned to write the future as a customer-focused technology leader in digital industries.

In robotics, we launched several new solutions, including a single-arm YuMi® robot and a new modular product platform design, allowing us to offer customers more types of robots which we can combine into an almost infinite number of tailored solutions.

In January 2018, we became title sponsor of Formula E, the world’s first fully electric international FIA motorsport series, further strengthening ABB’s brand recognition as leader in electrification and e-mobility. The ABB FIA Formula E Championship, as it is now known, provides a competitive platform to develop and test e-mobility-relevant electrification and digitalization technologies under secure conditions. Together, we are helping to push the boundaries of e-mobility, while raising awareness of e-mobility as an alternative to fossil fuels.

…and in people

ABB’s two key strengths have always been our technologies and our people, and in 2018 we continued to build a values-driven culture to attract and retain the best talent. In the new ABB, we will further develop our efforts to put safety, integrity and the customer at the center of our attention, while strengthening our performance-driven entrepreneurial culture.

To help our employees hone their skills and to support better collaboration between digital natives and experienced engineers, we continued to provide training and development opportunities to thousands of employees through various courses and our ABB University, which provides up-to-date expertise in new technologies and solutions. Our Global Trainee Program continued to give recent graduates opportunities to develop leadership skills, deepen their understanding of their chosen disciplines, and gain insights into business strategy. Additionally, we launched a partnership with the Nobel Foundation to celebrate science and innovation and inspire the next generation of pioneers.

Our focus on our people has made ABB a preferred employer in key markets. For the past two years, we have been ranked in key countries as one of the most attractive employers among engineering students, ahead of many other technology companies.

In 2018, we strengthened our Board of Directors with three new members, who bring a wealth of experience from their respective fields: Jennifer Xin-Zhe Li is a founder and general partner of Changcheng Investment Partners; Geraldine Matchett is Global CFO of Royal DSM; and Gunnar Brock is the former President and CEO of Atlas Copco Group. Today, the ABB Board of Directors has a broad combination of expertise in the fields of digitalization, finance, software, marketing and research, and development and manufacturing as well as in markets around the world.

Looking ahead

The journey to our new ABB has only been possible with the support of all our stakeholders, and especially our employees, whose commitment and dedication have made our businesses what they are today. We would like to extend a special thank-you to all our employees for their significant contributions. In ABB’s next stage, we will continue to build on our technologies and our talented global employee base to better serve our customers, provide greater opportunities for our employees, and deliver for shareholders, while securing the best long-term future for our company and its stakeholders.

Let’s write the future. Together.

Signature of Peter Voser, Chairman of the Board of Directors (handwriting)

Peter Voser
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Signature of Ulrich Spiesshofer, Chief Executive Officer (handwriting)

Ulrich Spiesshofer
Chief Executive Officer